Adventure Lift

What is the Altena Castle Adventure Lift?

The Altena Castle Adventure Lift is a journey through time into the Altena Castle Hill, moving along 90 metres and 80 metres upwards. Let yourself be amazed by the seven gates, gripping stories and mythical figures, all accompanied by special effects.

 The Journey is the Reward

The Adventure Lift connects the Altena Town Centre directly with the Altena Castle – saving you the arduous 20-minute walk up there on foot. Cars are a thing of the past at the top of the Castle Hill. Using the lift, your journey up takes just 30 seconds. Before entering, you’ll go through the “New Castle Gate” when entering the Adventure Lift. The lift can wait. The journey is the reward, taking you first through the adventure tunnel – into another world with knights, dwarves and craftsmen. You’ll not only meet Wieland the Smith, but also Saint Einhard and his friends. They’ll quickly become your loyal companions, and won’t want to let you get into the lift alone! These mythical figures won’t budge from your side. But see for yourself!

The Castle Lord’s Entourage

No less a personage than the castle lord Count Dietrich and his cheeky little friend Burghard, the tunnel bat, will be there to welcome you. Our tip: be sure to make friends with them! After your journey together, the lift door opens onto the upper castle courtyard, where knightly adventures and an impressive museum collection await you.

For Scaredy-Cats and Adventurers

The Adventure Lift is for everyone: children and adults will have lots of fun in the mythical worlds, likewise scaredy-cats and adventurers of all ages. That’s a promise!