Legal Notice

The town of Altena (Westphalia) endeavours to maintain correct and updated information and data on its website. Liability or guarantees for the up-to-datedness, correctness and completeness of the information provided are however excluded. This also applies to websites to which reference is made by a hyperlink. The town of Altena assumes no responsibility for the content of websites which can be reached with such a connection. The content of the town of Altena website is protected by copyright. For this reason, reproduction of information or data, in particular the use of texts, parts of texts or images requires prior consent of the town of Altena (Westphalia).


Notification to the User

Every time a user accesses a site of the Altena Castle Adventure Lift Internet offer and each time a file is retrieved, data on this process shall be stored in a protocol file. These data are not personal; we therefore cannot trace back which user accessed which data. Listed in detail, the following dataset is stored for each retrieval:

* Name of the file accessed
* Date and time of accessing
* Data volume transferred
* Report stating if accessing was successful
* Description of the type of web browser used
* Operating system used.

The computer IP address or the provider’s network address from which the query was sent. However, personal network profiles cannot automatically be established with them. They shall not be furthered to third parties, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The data shall be stored for one month.


External Links:

In its verdict dated 12th May 1998, the Hamburg State Court decreed that when a link is included, co-responsibility also exists for the contents of the linked pages. According to the State Court, this can only be prevented by the operators expressly distancing themselves from this content. We have set up links on our pages to other Internet pages. The following applies for all these links: We expressly declare that we have no influence on the design or content of the linked sites. That is why we herewith expressly distance ourselves from all the content of all linked pages on our homepage and we claim no responsibility for their content. This declaration applies to all links shown on our homepage and all content of the sites to which banners and links registered with us lead.

Electronic communication by email with the town of Altena (Westphalia) - limited access opening pursuant to § 3a Administrative Procedures Act (VwVfG)

For rules applying to electronic communication with the town of Altena (Westphalia)

In the following, please find a description on the way in which you can communicate electronically by email with the town of Altena (Westphalia). When doing so, please note that these notices apply only to communication with the town of Altena (Westphalia) and not for offers from third parties, to which references are possibly made (e.g. other authorities).



Email formats for transmission to the town of Altena (Westphalia)

Please use the format “text only” for your emails, and only “HTML” if required. Please note that Microsoft programmes (Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange) often use standard false settings which means that email programmes conforming to standards cannot read your email. You can find a detailed explanation on the correct settings for your Microsoft email programme at in the column “How to deactivate TNEF”.

No Encryption Support

For various reasons, the town of Altena (Westphalia) cannot decrypt encrypted emails at present.  Should you wish to send us confidential information, please use conventional means of communication (postal mail or similar).


Signatures not supported

In accordance with § 3a VwVfG, a written form stipulated by a legal regulation can be replaced by the so-called “electronic form” in many cases. Unfortunately, the town of Altena (Westphalia) currently cannot check electronic signatures for their authenticity and validity. This means that you will not be able to transmit documents electronically for which the written form is required. In this case, we would please ask you to communicate on paper.

Permitted file formats for file attachments (“Attachments”)

If you want to send emails with file attachments to our administration system, please note that the administration cannot support all file formats and applications available on the market.

The following file formats are processed in Altena:
- Adobe Acrobat from Version 5 to Version 6 (pdf),
- Rich Text Format (rtf),
- Microsoft Word 97 (doc),
- Microsoft Excel 97 (xls),
- Text (txt)
- Image files (jpg, tif, bmp, png)
- Compressed files (zip only), without macros (this list will be continually updated). The following applies for all other file formats: no legitimate receipt of the communication will be made, there is no legal obligation.

If you use deviating file formats, it is possible that the mail cannot be processed.


Volume limit for Emails

The volume of incoming emails is limited to 2 megabyte.

Please use compressing programmes (zip format only), to minimise any data attachments so that data transmission can proceed quickly and efficiently.


Response for emails which cannot be processed here

Computer viruses, general technical problems or deviations from the aforementioned technical requirements can mean that we cannot process your emails. In this case, you will be informed about it – as far as possible.


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