Adventure Lift

This will be a festival

On the weekend of 26th /27th April 2014, the flagship tourist project for South Westphalia will be opened: with a festival of which the castle town has never seen before.

Things get going officially on Saturday, 26th at 10.30 a.m. when Michael Groschek, Minister for Building, Housing, Urban Development and Transport for North Rhine-Westphalia will be paying a visit. He will set the Adventure Lift in motion, which will in future connect the town centre and the castle towering above it.

Guests Welcome in Large Numbers

Numerous guests from the world of politics and commerce are invited to the ceremony, and, of course, also the general public. “We‘d like to have a huge number of visitors in the whole town centre“, said Mayor Dr. Andreas Hollstein. A unique programme will be on offer over the whole weekend revolving around the Adventure Lift and the Altena Castle: Steampunk artists and walk acts will be entertaining visitors on Saturday and Sunday, as well as musicians from different backgrounds.

Dr. Zero’s Experience Lab invites you to try out your own experiments – you just might end up beaming yourself through time! Everyone travelling with the Adventure Lift will be taken through six adventure stations about local legends and then – as soon as the lift doors open onto the upper castle courtyard – straight into the heart of mediaeval castle life. On both days, the castle courtyard will be transformed into a film set from the Middle Age: noble ladies, knights and warriors, washerwomen and stable lads, cooks and ruffians will all be making preparations for the wedding of the fictitious young Countess Johanna in the year 1197.

Top Act “Extrabreit”

In the middle of the acting and artistic activities, a full musical programme will be also on offer directly on the Lenne promenade on the opposite side of the Adventure Lift valley station with everything from brass to rock. The top act on Saturday evening is the band “Extrabreit”, performing its classics “Flieger” and “Hurra, hurra, die Schule brennt”. The Lenne will be “on fire” in the subsequent firework display. On Sunday, local bands, marching bands and choirs will entertain guests on the promenade and the Felsenplatz stage in the Lennestraße. The opening weekend will finish with a closing parade from the “Helmnot”, theatre, in a way never seen before in Altena:

Parade with a 13 Metre-High Time Machine

The “Time Machine” and the “Steel Ball” to be paraded along the Lenne Promenade will be visible from quite a distance away. The 13 metre-long and 8 metre-high Time Machine is made of a huge number of rotating cogs and steel cages. Thick clouds of fog billow out of the Time Machine’s insides as it wends its way through the crowds. Loud, powerful music, given support by the sounds from industrial machinery, fills the promenade when the multi-ton gigantic steel colossus starts to move with Dr. Time at its head, closing the day‘s activities on Sunday at 7 p.m.